What is a Futon?

Futons are what we like to call “a couch with identity issues.”  It is a couch, but it is not.  It is a bed, but it’s not.  Compared to old-fashioned sofa-beds, futons make a much more comfortable sleeping experience.

One of the best reasons for having a futon is added sleeping space that can easily convert to a seating area when not in use.

Why Futon is the right choice for YOU

Most people love having a futon in their office area, guest room, or studio apartment; when an unexpected guest arrives, they can provide a comfortable sleeping space without dedicating all the space a full bedframe would take.

What do you need to know when buying a futon?

There are few things to look for when purchasing a futon:

  • How easy is it to open and close the frame mechanism?
  • What type of mattress is sold with the futon frame?

How to Shop for a Futon

Mechanism:  When shopping for a futon, it is best to start by looking at the frame and mechanism to see how everything is constructed. Typically, metal frames are easier to open and close (and last a lot longer) than wooden frames.  A metal frame’s mechanism is designed to withstand repeated use, whereas wooden frames generally don’t hold up as well (breakage is common, and difficult to repair).

Operation:  It is important to find out how to fold out the futon into a bed as well as how to fold it back up to a sitting position. Be sure to do a few tests in the store to make sure you understand how the frame works and that it is easy and effortless to adjust to your needs.

Size:  Typically futons come in Queen or Full size. The most popular size is Full, because it can be folded down into a full size bed and no ottoman is needed.

Mattress:  Mattress is also another very important component of a futon. If you intend on using the futon more for sleeping than sitting, it is best to find an inner-spring futon mattress that will give you more comfort and durability than non-spring futon mattress. It will maintain its shape longer.

At Sleep Haven Bedding we understand your needs. We have the best selections and experienced knowledge to help our Clients find their perfect futons at the best price.  Come visit us today and find out why our clients love us.