NEW! Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk
Build, Refill, or Remake Your Pillow
Time to take your bed to the next level?
Sleep Haven Bedding has adjustable beds for every need. Let us show you just how capable a quality unit can be, and how it can enhance your sleep experience.
Linens & Accessories -- No need for another stop
Sleep Haven Bedding carries quality linens and accessories to properly fit and protect your sleep investment.
Save Even More!
Select floor models are deeply discounted.
Monthly Promotions

See your Sleep Haven Bedding Sleep Specialist for details on how to save even more.  Limited quantities of floor models and factory close-outs are available, as are periodic manufacturer promotions.

We carry full lines from the finest manufacturers.  Our experienced, non-commissioned staff guides you through mattress selection, and fits you to the right product for your needs and budget.  Learn more about our products and process throughout this site.

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